EduApp: The Application For Applications

Increase conversions and empower your organization to drive costs down and enrollments up. EduApp focuses on getting your potential students enrolled so you can focus on their education.

EduApp Enrollment Portal

Built to Fit Any Process

The EduApp Enrollment Portal allows your entire application process to be modified on the fly. Administrators can modify the school's process - or simply alter a particular student's application to fit her particular needs.

Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design

EduApp is 100% mobile friendly. In fact, it's not uncommon for our clients to report that students are completing entire enrollment applications using only their phone.

100% Dynamic, Customizable Forms

Everything your students see is custom built for you. Your administrators have the ability to modify any and all fields on any form. When the need arises, your system is putty in your hands - ready to respond to any new requirements with the touch of a button. No more waiting for programmers.

Chat Support

Your admissions representatives can chat in real time with your students as they progress through their application. Support and answers to student questions are only a click away.


About Singularity Solutions Group

Our Story

Singularity Solutions Group was born out of the idea that software should be held to a higher standard. An "upgrade" shouldn't mean your systems are down for the day. An upgrade should mean some new feature is ready at your fingertips - hopefully, if we did our jobs, it's something you've been asking for, and it's something you're excited about.

We take pride when our clients are happy, and we know the best way to keep clients happy is to deliver on our promise: we take personal responsibility for the quality of the software we deliver - every feature, every line of code, every decision is made with the user experience in the forefront of our thoughts.

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